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Shalden Parish Council

News and What's On

Recent break ins                                                                                                            26th September 2019

The Parish Council would like to make residents aware that there have been continued outbuilding break in attempts and suspicious behaviour recently reported both in the Old Odiham Road and Shalden Lane areas.

Please be aware of this and make sure that if possible you secure your outbuildings. Please make sure that you report any incidents to our local police on 101 or using the following website: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/

One of our local Police Officers has given me some advice to share, please see below:

I would advise that residents lock windows and doors when leaving their property and where possible avoid having an enclosed garden by keeping hedges low as burglars’ prefer spaces where they cannot be seen by onlookers. I would advise to have lighting in gardens too. Keep items like bicycles secure by using a lock even when they are in a locked shed. I would also advise marking tools/machinery and taking photographs of this and uploading this as well as other valuables to the immobilise website. There are websites like www.immobilise.com which give information around security and prevention advice.

Rural Crime Event                                                                                                   24th September 2019

Hampshire Constabulary are hosting a Rural Crime Event on Sunday, 6 October 2019 at Sparsholt College (Westley Court), Winchester. Please find an invitation to attend from them below.

This event is predominantly aimed at rural residents, farmers, game keepers, river keepers, land owners and businesses that have either experienced rural crime or are at risk from it. Come along any time between 10am-3pm to meet specialist police teams and over 20 partner agencies who play a vital role in detecting and deterring rural crime.
This event is also a great opportunity for us to hear from you, the rural community, about your concerns and experiences and for you to share with us any feedback that you may have.
Guest Speakers:
11:00 - Inspector Korine Bishop (Country Watch)
12:00 - Mark Gammon (Crown Prosecution Service)
13:00 - Gareth Roberts (Hampshire County Council Fly-Tipping Lead)
14:00 - Inspector Korine Bishop (Country Watch)
There are also a large number of confirmed exhibitors who will be at the event.

This is a ticket only event due to limited spaces, so please register for a ticket here.

Shalden Parish Council News                                                                                 12th September 2019

The agenda for the September Parish Council Meeting has now been added to the 'Parish Council Meetings' section under the 'Council Meetings' tab of the website. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th September starting at 8 pm, in the village hall. 

EHDC Local Plan 2017-2036                                                                                             3rd September 2019

EHDC have launched the next consultation phase for their Local Plan, which will focus on large development sites. Two out of ten of these proposed sites will be close to Alton at Chawton Park (1200 dwellings) and Neatham Down (600 dwellings). Two of the sites will be chosen to be included in the final Local Plan. Please have a look at the link below for more information. There will be two drop in sessions at the Alton Assembly Rooms; 3rd September 4 - 7pm and Saturday 14th September, 10 am-2 pm should you wish to ask any questions. 

The Consultation runs for six weeks and residents have the chance to give EHDC information about sites that might affect their suitability for development and to say what infrastructure is needed in that area. Your response to the consultation can be submitted via the online portal, which can be accessed from the link below.


Shalden Criminal Activity: Please be aware that a break-in was attempted at the Pavilion on the Recreation Ground. Please secure your outbuildings and report any incidents to our local police via the website or 101. Shalden Criminal Activity: Please be aware that a break-in was attempted at the Pavilion on the Recreation Ground. Please secure your outbuildings and report any incidents to our local police via the website or 101.

EHDC Notice of Election: District and Parish Councillors                                     10th April 2019      

Please find a link below to EHDC's Notice of Uncontested Election for the upcoming Parish Election, as well as the District statement of persons nominated and notice of poll.



Shalden Parish Council News                                                                                 14th March 2019

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting has now been added to the 'Annual Parish Meeting' section under the 'Council Meetings' tab. The minutes from last years meeting are also available here. Shalden Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th March starting at 8 pm, in the village hall. The meeting is a good opportunity to hear about what's happening both in local government but also from local groups. All Shalden residents are welcome to attend and participate in a question and answer session.

Shalden Village Litter Pick: Saturday 23rd March

If you have some time to spare on the 23rd please could you help with the litter pick, equipment will be provided and it will last between one and two hours. Please bring your own gloves! The litter pick will be centred around the Village Hall and will aim to cover Southwood Road, Stancombe Lane, Shalden Lane down to the A339 and Shalden Green Lane up to the Avenue. Please meet at 10:00 in the Village Hall car park. 

Dog Control Around Livestock                                                                              4th January 2019

The parish council have had recent reports of dogs chasing livestock in fields within our parish and we would like to remind residents that this is not acceptable and of their responsibilities when walking dogs on a footpath. Please be aware that it is a criminal offence if a person’s dog worries livestock on agricultural land. Worrying is defined as attacking or chasing so that injury, suffering, abortion or loss of value is reasonably likely to occur. Please find a section of the 'Countryside Code' below which outlines your responsibilities, there is also a link to this useful guide below.

When you take your dog into the outdoors, always ensure it does not disturb wildlife, farm animals, horses or other people by keeping it under effective control. This means that you; keep your dog on a lead, or keep it in sight at all times, be aware of what it’s doing and be confident it will return to you promptly on command and ensure it does not stray off the path or area where you have a right of access.

It’s always good practice (and a legal requirement on ‘Open Access’ land) to keep your dog on a lead around farm animals and horses, for your own safety and for the welfare of the animals. Be aware that a farmer may shoot a dog which is attacking or chasing farm animals without being liable to compensate the dog’s owner. However, if cattle or horses chase you and your dog, it is safer to let your dog off the lead – don’t risk getting hurt by trying to protect it. Your dog will be much safer if you let it run away from a farm animal in these circumstances and so will you.